About SIRA

The Society of Information Risk Analysts (SIRA) is dedicated to continually improving the practice of information risk analysis. We endeavor to do this by supporting the collaborative efforts of our members through research, knowledge sharing, and member-driven education.

Since the whole of SIRA will always be greater than the sum of its parts, we value, above all else, the participation of our members. We understand that it is their willingness to contribute openly and constructively that will help the society reach its mission of continual improvement. To that end, SIRA promotes the collaborative efforts if its members by offering a variety of connection methods, online and off, print and electronic, challenging traditional limitations with new technology and passion.

How To Get Involved

Our primary mode of communication with each other is the mailing list. You can join that list :

SIRA also has a pretty active blog that you can reach via the navigation tabs above this text. If you are interested in contributing to the SIRA blog, please use the contact form to request and account.

SIRA Management Team:

The current management structure of SIRA consists of six elected board members. The current (2018) board members are:

  • John Hoffoss
  • Marcin Antkiewicz
  • Lisa Young - President
  • Michael Roytman
  • Jack Whitsit (newly elected)
  • Elliot Murphy (newly elected)
  • Apolonio Garcia (newly elected)
  • Jim Lipkis (newly elected)

2017 board (all six elected):

  • John Hoffoss
  • Marcin Antkiewicz
  • Lisa Young - President
  • Evan Wheeler
  • John Benninghoff
  • Michael Roytman
2016 board:
  • Alex Hutton
  • John Hoffoss - Treasurer (Appointed)
  • Jay Jacobs
  • Allison Miller - President
  • Lisa Leet
  • Jeff Lowder
  • Bob Rudis
  • Michael Werneburg

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